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Mobility 2045 - is the Longview Area's defining vision for addressing the multi-modal transportation needs of the community over the next 25+ years. The planning area for this project includes the cities of Longview, Lakeport, White Oak, Clarksville City, Warren City, Gladewater, Union Grove, and East Mountain. Mobility 2045 guides the implementation of multi-modal transportation improvements, policies, and programs needed to meet the needs of Longview Area travelers through the year 2045.  

Mobility 2045 consists of two transportation planning documents:
  • Metropolitan Transportation Plan 2045 - A federally required, fiscally constrained, performance-based plan that identifies transportation needs for the next 25 years.
  • Regional Thoroughfare Plan 2045 - A long-range plan that identifies the location and type of roadway facilities needed to meet the projected long-term growth in the region.  See the 2040 Thoroughfare Plan here
How can I get Involved?
Want to see where the most congested roadways are? What intersections have the most crashes?  What areas are growing the fastest?  Our interactive map can answer these questions and more!

Mapping Exercise:
Visit our Mobility 2045 interactive map and click on the “Mapping Exercise” tab.  This interactive map will allow you to zoom into different areas of our region and leave comments on transportation issues and opportunities.  We want to hear from you!  

Take Our Survey!
After visiting our Mobility 2045 interactive map click on the “Take Our Survey!” tab.  This online survey is an opportunity for you to share your priorities on how to improve our transportation system.  You can also take the Mobility 2045 survey here!

Open House:
Attend our Mobility 2045 Open House!  Attendees will have an opportunity to learn more about the project and share priorities on how to improve highways, Longview Transit service routes, freight movement, bicycle & pedestrian travel, and much more!
Maude Cobb Convention & Activity Center, 100 Grand Blvd. 
April 23, 2019
5:30 – 7:00 PM
Mobility 2045 Open House Flyer

You can also request a presentation for your organization by emailing Longview MPO
Mobility 2045 Timeline
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As part of Mobility 2045, the Regional Thoroughfare Plan will also be updated.  See the 2040 Thoroughfare Plan here.

Latest News

    • Take our Transportation Survey! Help us plan for the future of transportation in the greater Longview area!  Share your priorities on how to improve highways, freight movement, transit routes, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and much more!
    • Our FY 2018 TxDOT Annual Project Listing is now available!  Projects in this report are broken down into four categories: highway, grouped projects, transit and bicycle & pedestrian.
    • The Longview MPO Unified Planning Work Program has been revised and is available for your review. The Work Program outlines transportation planning activities and studies for MPO staff
    • Please review our 2019 - 2022 Transportation Improvement Program, which is a plan that identifies federally funded highways, bridges, bicycle & pedestrian projects, and Longview Transit public transportation projects.
    • Please check out our Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, WalkBike Longview, which is a plan for enhancing walking and biking in the greater Longview area.
    • Bike survey results are now available! Click here to see what kind of suggestions and challenges were identified for walking and biking in the greater Longview area.

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