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Longview celebrates 150 years in 2020! Longview was formed in 1870 when O.H. Methvin deeded 100 acres of land for the creation of a town along soon-to-be-constructed railroad line. As the story goes, they stood from the top of "Rock Hill" in present-day Downtown Longview and said something along the lines of "Oh my, that’s a long view." The rest is 150 years of East Texas history.

Upcoming Events

Longview Sesquicentennial Exhibit; Celebrating 150 Years
May 5 - Aug. 29
Gregg County Historical Museum

Longview 150 Historic Landmarks Art Exhibit
May 12 - Sept. 19
Longview Museum of Fine Arts

Back in Time Scavenger Hunt presented by Partners in Prevention Mentoring Program
April 17 ● 1:30 p.m.
Downtown Longview

@LongviewTX150 – Celebrating the People of Longview’s Sesquicentennial 2020
April 17 - July 3, 2021
Longview Museum of Fine Art

Postponed - Date TBD

Longview 150 Time Capsule

Pound Cake Bake-Off

First Baptist Church - Longview Homecoming

Hymn Sing and Ice Cream Social

Longview’s Place in the World of the 1870’s

Longview Cannibals Baseball Reenactment 

Back Porch StoriesArtsView Children’s Theatre

Longview 150 Screen PrintCelebrate 150

Is your organization holding a #Longview150 celebration or community event?  Let us know at Longview150@LongviewTexas.gov to have your event included along with these other sesquicentennial celebrations.  View other ongoing 150 Celebrations, here.

My 150

Longview’s sesquicentennial is a great time to invest to Longview to help the city continue to grow and thrive.  What’s your 150? Is it $150 given to an organization or charity you support, 150 hours spent in the city’s parks and trails, or 150 days spent with a social media post about something you love about Longview?  Whatever you choose, we want to hear about it!

Planning Committee

The Longview 150 Planning Committee worked behind the scenes to make preparations for the sesquicentennial birthday celebration with a variety of activities scheduled for January-May 2020. The Longview 150 Celebration is purposefully designed to encourage opportunities for unique participation from area organizations such as schools, civic organizations, businesses, and churches.

Maude Cobb BalloonLiftoff 2020

The Gregg County Historical Museum’s Balloon Sculpture Project is a celebration of Longview’s history and heritage through custom made metal Hot Air Balloons that will be strategically placed around town to celebrate Longview’s Sesquicentennial.