Planning Committee

The Longview 150 Planning Committee is eagerly making preparations for the sesquicentennial birthday celebration with a variety of activities scheduled for January-May 2020. The Longview 150 Celebration is purposefully designed to encourage opportunities for unique participation from area organizations such as schools, civic organizations, businesses, and churches. Participating organizations are encouraged to help determine "HOW" they can best participate in celebrating Longview’s 150th Birthday. For example, organizations could enter a float in the Grande Sesquicentennial Trek, which is a parade being produced by Longview AMBUCS; purchase a page in the 2020 Commemorative Uniquely Longview to celebrate past, present and future; host or sponsor an event such as the Sesquicentennial Ball on February 22, 2020 being produced by the Junior League of Longview; or create an exhibition of local photos and memorabilia.

The 1970 Centennial Celebration’s stated purpose was to promote and encourage a concentrated campaign for the study of National and State history with particular reference to the East Texas area; the collection, preservation, display and publication of historical and educational items, artifacts and works, in order that the lessons of the past might be made known to the present and preserved for the future and to encourage civic pride and cooperation. These same goals are serving as the launching pad for the Longview 150 Celebration.

Sante Fe Bell RecreationIf your organization is interested in learning more about the Longview 150 Celebration, please contact City of Longview Director of Community Services Laura Hill at 903-237-1392.

In preparation for celebrating 150 years of rich Longview history, the Longview Public Library has made available digital resources that celebrate our heritage! Please follow the link below to see newspaper articles, photos, and descriptions of what Longview was like during its first 100 years.