Go-Giver Honorees:

Each year, the mayor selects honorees to be recognized for their excellent legacy of giving to the community.

Compilation of the 2020 Go-Giver Honoree Videos

The 2020 honorees focused on Longview businesses that had a company culture that promoted giving to the community. These honorees included Horaney’s, InfinitiePlus Magazine, Peters Chevrolet, and Texas Bank & Trust.

Compilation of the 2019 Go-Giver Honoree Videos

Janis Canion, Keith Honey, Chuck King, and Joyce Williams were honored for their years of dedicated service and generosity to people of Longview.

Compilation of the 2018 Go-Giver Honoree Videos

Tom and Jill Chinn, Neal McCoy, Natalie Rabicoff, and Tim Wiseman were honored for helping improve the lives of so many throughout Longview including donations for the Longview Police Department, enhancing the lives of terminally ill children, a lifetime of engagement for a better community, changing the lives of men one at a time, and so much more.