Event Planning Resources

Environmental Health Permit
All vendors serving food or beverages to the general public in one of the Longview Convention Complex facilities or on the grounds of the Complex must contact the City of Longview Environmental Health Division at 903-237-1285.  Failure to make contact to secure a temporary food permit may result in food or beverages not being allowed at the event.   No one may operate a Temporary Food Service Establishment without a valid permit issued for the date(s) of the event.  The Temporary Food Service Permit must be conspicuously posted in view of the public.  Failure to comply with requirements of the City of Longview Health Code may result in the filing of charges in court and/or suspension of your Temporary Event Permit. Food not approved may not be served.  No home preparation or storage of food to be served to the general public is allowed for temporary events that are permitted by the Environmental Health Department.

Fees for Temporary Event Permits must be paid directly to the Environmental Health Division and are non-refundable.  City of Longview Environmental Health Food Service Website


Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission Permit
No alcohol may be served or consumed at City facilities unless stipulated in the contract.  Anyone using the facility and receiving a fee of any kind must have a catering/liquor license from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission in order to sell or serve to alcoholic beverages on premises. Secure this license more than 10 business days before your event to avoid financial penalties.  The amount of alcohol consumed by any guest will be the responsibility of the lessee and not the responsibility of the Longview Convention Complex.  BYOB events are not permitted. The lessee will be responsible for any liability arising as a result of allowing alcohol consumption. For all questions about compliance, please call 903-939-0481, ext 2300.  TABC Website

Texas State Comptroller’s Office
Lessee is responsible for furnishing all tickets for advance and performance date sale of tickets. Lessee shall not, under any circumstances, print more tickets for any one performance than there are seats available. Tickets at the event may be sold from the leased ticket office(s). LCC Manager may require, for commercial events, that tickets be numbered. If so, beginning and ending numbers must be reported prior to commencement of sales. Ticket stubs will then be presented to the LCC Manager prior to the release of the security (damage) deposit for verification. All tickets, including Class I and Class II events, may be subject to Sales Tax. Questions may be directed to the Texas State Comptroller at 1-800-252-5555.  Comptroller’s Office Website

Security Requirements
The LCC Manager reserves the right to determine if police security is required during a scheduled activity.  All security used in the LCC will be acquired through the Longview Police Department coordinated by the LCC staff. The LCC Manager, along with the Longview Police Department, will determine the number of officers, and the hours and duties of officers. The Lessee is responsible for this expense at a rate of $40 per hour per officer. Private security will be allowed only with prior approval by LCC Manager.

Insurance Requirements
Lessee must furnish a Certificate of Insurance proving that a public liability insurance policy is in effect in which the Lessee is named as insured to the Longview Convention Complex staff, at least thirty (30) days prior to the event, . Insurance policy classifications are based on the specifics of the event.  The City of Longview, Longview Convention Center, must also be named as additional or co-insured party.  Host liquor or liquor liability coverage must be included in the policy coverage if alcoholic beverages are going to be present at the event.

Lessee is responsible for paying any fees directly to ASCAP/BMI.
ASCAP Website   BMI Website

It is the ultimate responsibility of the Lessee to obtain the necessary permits/permission for their event. This includes, but is not limited to, health permits, pyrotechnics, music licensing, etc.