Equipment and Additional Charges

Listed are equipment charges for all areas of the Maude Cobb Convention Center and Longview Exhibit Center.  

Equipment Charges

Class I - Regular Rates - per day (33% discount after first day)

Class II - Tax exempt Rates - per event


Also available at Rodeo Arena and Rodeo Pavilion
Chairs, each$1
Tables, each*$5
Staging (4’x8’), each$15
Podium, each$20
Acrylic Podium, each$50
Kitchen$300 per event
Concession Stand$100 per day
Ticket Office / Registration Booth$25 per day
Microphone, each$25
Projectors, each$75 with screen
Portable Screen, each$100
TV with VCR / DVD, each$25
Easels, each$5
Stanchions, each$5
Flip Chart, each$30
Dry Erase Board$25
Coffee Service for 20, 1 Urn$20
2 - 5 Coffee Urns, each$15
6-15 Coffee Urns, each$12.50
16 or more Coffee Urns, each$10
Bottle Water, each$1
60 amp Portable Power Station$100
Metal Barricades, each$10
Office SuppliesMarket Cost
Portable Bleachers$100
Small Bar with barback$150
Large Bar with barback$200

The Longview Convention Complex does not provide linens, dishes, cooking utensils, silverware, decorations or other catering supplies.

 * Maude Cobb Convention Center Tables:
          3’ x 8’
          2.5’ x 6’
          18" x 6’
          60" Round

* Longview Exhibit Center Tables:
          2.5’ x 8’
          2.5’ x 6’

Table quantity subject to available inventory.

Additional Charges


Also available at Rodeo Arena and Rodeo Pavilion
After Midnight Fee
(per hour or any portion thereof)
Early Opening
(prior to 7:00 a.m. / hour fee)
$50 / hour / officer
Fire Watch
$40 / hour / firefighter
EMS (EMT or Paramedic - 2 personnel per unit minimum)
$40 / hour
Animal Control Officer
$30 / hour / officer
RV Hook-up
$25 / night / hook-up
Reset Fee
25% of equipment total
Cleaning Fee (if hay, glitter, confetti, or sequins are used)

Parties desiring to rent facilities at the Longview Convention Complex shall provide adequate security and proof of general liability insurance. Quotes for insurance can be provided.

A rental deposit in the amount of 25% of the rental fee shall be required to be paid at the time any facility of the Longview Convention Complex is booked for a Class I or Class II activity or event. This rental deposit is refundable up to 90 days prior to the booked date. The fee shall be nonrefundable as of the 90th day prior to the event or activity.

Refundable damage deposit in an amount varying from $100 to $2,000 shall be required. Amount of the damage deposit required is based upon the scope and nature of the proposed use of city facilities.

Equipment Charges - Rodeo Arena and Rodeo Pavilion

Equipment available at the Rodeo Area and Rodeo Pavilion is limited to: 

  • chairs
  • tables
  • concession stand
  • ticket office
  • metal barricades
  • portable bleachers

Equipment charges are the same as other areas of the complex. 

Class I - Regular Rates - $ per day (33% discount after first day)

Class II - Tax Exempt Rates - $ per event

Additional Charges - Rodeo Arena and Rodeo Pavilion

Additional charges for the Rodeo Arena or the Rodeo Pavilion may also apply. 

  • After Midnight Fee
  • Early Opening  
  • Security
  • Fire Watch
  • EMS
  • Animal Control Officer
  • RV Hook-up
  • Reset Fee    
  • Cleaning Fee

These charges are also the same as other areas of the complex.