Lead-Safe Housing Program

The City of Longview has identified lead poisoning as a serious public health problem. Lead-Safe Housing Program is committed to working with the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Lead Hazard Control and Reduction Program to mitigate those factors which contribute to the cause of children to be at risk for high blood levels of lead.

Our goal is to complete, over a three year period, 109 units of housing stock with lead-based paint hazards. We have created a strategy through an identified work plan that includes mitigation, education, marketing and promoting a high level of public awareness around protecting Longview families from lead hazards. 

The lead hazard control program will be administered by the City of Longview Community Development Division which will oversee all aspects of remediation activities, contract bids, monitoring, and project evaluation. The Community Development office and its partners have qualified personnel and staff in place to help facilitate the overall success of the program and its outlined goals.

For more information please contact Lead Specialist Doug Brown with Community Development at 903-237-1204 or by email.

Major focus and requirements of this program

  • Children six years old in the household
  • House construction date prior to 1978
  • Household income under 80% median income
  • Housing located in the City of Longview City Limits

Applicant Eligibility

Income: In order to be eligible the cumulative gross annual income(s) for all persons 18 years and over occupying the residence must not exceed 80% of the county’s median income a published annually.

2020 Income Limits - Based on median family income of $64,800.

Household SizeIncome Limit:
Income Limit:
Very Low
Income Limit: Extremely Low

Online Lead Hazard Control Program Application

Use the Community Development Division’s online portal to register an account and apply for the Lead Hazard Control Program.

Target Area

It has been identified that the highest areas of lead hazard concerns within the city of Longview includes ZIP codes: 75601, 75602, and 75604. These ZIP code also have a high concentration of pre-1940 to pre-1978 housing stock.

Elevated Blood Lead Levels

Elevated Blood Lead Level (EBLL) analysis indicates that the highest concentrations of lead poisoning consistently occurs in areas with concentrations of minorities, low to moderate income families, individuals, and a significant representation of pre-1940 housing stock.

Health Concern Impacts

Chronic illness among children leads to extensive time missed in school and school related activities. Accumulated missed time at work for adults can result in unemployment or under employment. The lack of affordable and effective healthcare leads to emergency room treatment and no preventive or proactive health regimens for children or adults. Symptoms of lead exposure may not appear, but the damage still occurs. Children absorb up to 70% of lead, and adults about 20%. Lead poisoning can lead to learning disabilities, behavioral problems, malformed bones, and slow growth. Very high levels can cause seizures, coma, and death.

Remediation Contractors

All contractors will be fully trained and certified in proper lead - safe remediation practices to ensure lead - safe remediation and abatement techniques are in compliance. The City of Longview Community Development office will provide oversight of the process to verify proper abatement practices and safety protocols are in practice.