On Monday, May 18, Gov. Greg Abbott announced the second phase of reopening Texas and provided an updated list of what types of businesses and activities can resume and when.

For complete guidelines and information about upcoming reopening announcements, please visit the website for the Governor’s Strike Force to Open Texas.

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Local Guidance Regarding Occupancy Limitations

According to Governor Abbott’s executive order GA- regarding reopening Texas, some reopened businesses are required to reduce occupancy levels for a period of time. However, some local businesses may not have an established occupancy load as part of their city-issued Certificate of Occupancy. To assist, the City of Longview Development Services has established a basic guideline for determining recommended occupancy levels.

For assembly-type businesses, such as restaurants and theatres, the occupancy is calculated as a factor of seating and other areas. These types of businesses typically have a maximum occupancy listed on the Certificate of Occupancy. If the business does not have a current Certificate of Occupancy, the business should apply through Development Services and a maximum occupancy will be assigned. If the business does have a Certificate of Occupancy, but has not been assigned a maximum occupancy, then the business can determine temporary maximum occupancy by adding maximum seating capacity with the number of employees on a normal shift. Use this number to multiply by .25 to get the 25% allowable occupancy rate.

According to Gov. Greg Abbott, the limitation is for the number of restaurant customers in the restaurant and does not include essential employees of the restaurant.

Mercantile or retail type establishments have traditionally not been assigned a maximum occupancy with their Certificate of Occupancy. Normal occupancy is calculated as 1 person per 30 square feet of public space. Use this number to multiply by .25 to get the 25% allowable occupancy rate.

For business type establishments, such as professional services or offices, normal occupancy is calculated as 1 person per 100 square feet. Use this number to multiply by .25 to get the 25% allowable occupancy rate.

This is a rough guide for purposes of calculating allowable occupancy in compliance with the Governor’s orders and is a general rule of thumb, only.  It is not the exact calculation for determining maximum occupancy used by Longview Development Services under normal circumstances, which includes other factors such as exiting and available restrooms.

For questions related to occupancy please contact Development Services at 903-237-1060. If the line is busy please leave a detailed message and the call will be returned promptly.

Social Distancing Signage for Retailers

Encourage visitors to your businesses to practice social distancing.  Optional businesses signage is provided below in English and Spanish.