Outdoor Events

Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s Executive Order GA-34 reopened Texas and removed a mask mandate. The order does state that all individuals, businesses and other entities are strongly encouraged to continue to take good faith efforts to reduce the risks posed by COVID-19.   According to GA-34, outdoor event hosts are no longer required to receive mayoral approval for their event as it related to COVID-19 measures. However, outdoor events are still subject to normal permitting requirements as administered through Development Services. 

Important Considerations for Events Hosts:

The City of Longview encourages all event hosts to comply with state and federal guidelines for conducting a safe event. Recommendations can be found at dshs.texas.gov/coronavirus, which includes encouraging employees and attendees to wear masks, maintain social distancing, sanitize, and wash hands. 

Maximum occupancy levels have returned to 100%. However, the City of Longview encourages events hosts to consider to reducing maximum occupancy to less than 100% in order to allow reasonable space for social distancing, especially with indoor events. 

Event hosts are encouraged to have mechanisms for controlling crowd size and social distancing. 

Do I have to receive permission to host my event? 

As it related to COVID-19 protocol, you do not have to request special permission from the Mayor to host an event. However, you may still be required to receive other permits listed below if it will impact the use of the street or right-of-way, includes food service, or involves other substantial changes to normal business operations.

What permits do I need to host an event in Longview? 

Event organizers will need to request permission and/or make reservations according to the type of event.

General Outdoor Event (concert, carnival, block party, etc): An Outdoor Event Permit, administered through Planning and Zoning within Development Services, is necessary for any outdoor event that goes beyond the property’s normal business operations based on factors such as crowd size, parking, vendors, large tents, street closures, and use of right-of-way. Please note that events requiring street closures are not currently being granted.

Parade Permit: Parade Permit form through the Longview Police Department required for parades as well as 5K, Fun Runs, or other events that require street routed street closures. Please note that parade permits are currently not being granted. 

Parks and Pavilions Reservations: If you plan to host your event within a city park or at a city pavilion, you must reserve the facility directly through the Parks and Recreation Department. 

Food Permit: If you are serving food to the public, except for a private-only event, you will also need a food service permit from Environmental Health. 

Longview Convention Complex: If you plan to host your event at the Longview Convention Complex, you must reserve the facility directly with complex staff.