9-1-1 Address Changes

The Geographic Information Systems division is correcting addressing errors across the City to ensure residents receive Postal Service mail delivery and, most importantly, to ensure that emergency service personnel can locate the correct residence / business quickly in an emergency.

If you have been notified that your address is changing, you can find answers to frequently asked questions and helpful links to update your address below.

Mailbox Address

Address Changes Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is my address being changed?
    Addresses can be changed for a variety of reasons including: odd numbers on the even-numbered side of the street (and vice-versa), numbers out of sequence, not enough addresses available for new development, and numbers not conforming to the standards outlined in the City’s addressing ordinance. Erroneous addresses can potentially cause a delay in emergency response situations.

  • What authority does the City have to change my address?
    Addressing Standards are defined in Article II. Sec. 91-26 through Sec. 91-35 of the City’s Code of Ordinances

  • Can I contest this change?
    No, based on the aforementioned ordinance.  

  • Does the City help cover any costs associated with the change of address?
    We do understand an address change is inconvenient and some costs may be associated with the change, but the City does not cover the costs.

  • How quickly do I need to change the address numbers posted on my property?
    The numbers should be changed as quickly as possible to avoid any potential issues with emergency response or mail delivery.

  • Who do I need to contact regarding the change of address?
    You will need to contact the USPS, your utility providers, your appraisal district, your financial institution, and your insurance company.  

  • When will the new address show up on navigation systems?
    This occurs as the various navigation system providers update their data, which often occurs annually.