Halloween 2020

Trick or Treat

Celebrate Halloween safely this year.  The City of Longview has put together answers to frequently asked questions about Halloween and COVID-19.

Are there any city regulations regarding Halloween and trick-or-treating this year, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic?

The City of Longview does not have any specific regulations related to Halloween or Trick-or-Treating. However, if residents choose to participate, they are encouraged to follow the existing guidelines for gatherings and public events as established by Governor Greg Abbot's executive orders as well as recommendations from the CDC for Halloween and Trick-or-treat activities.

Are there regulations about going in groups or limitations on group sizes this year?

In keeping with the Governor's executive orders, the City of Longview encourages residents to avoid gatherings of groups in excess of 10 people.

The Governor's Executive Order 32 limits any outdoor gathering in excess of 10 people without the Mayor's approval. There are several exceptions to the rule requiring permission, including for religious and school activities. However, even for those groups the City encourages everyone to follow recommendations for hygiene, social distancing, and mask wearing. 

Is the city imposing any social distancing or hygiene (sanitizing) rules/regulations for Halloween?

There are no specific City restrictions, but we recommend following CDC recommendations and Gov. Greg Abbott’s executive orders including maintaining 6-feet social distancing, wearing a mask, and washing hands.

Would people potentially be issued a citation if they are trick or treating in an excessive group size?

Similar to our approach throughout the entire COVID-19 pandemic, we are concerned primarily with education and encouraging residents to make wise decisions in keeping with recommendations from the CDC and the Governor's executive orders. Citations would be the last resort and would be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Longview Police Department.

Does the City or Longview Police Department have any safety tips/advice for families as they prepare for Halloween and trick or treating?

See CDC recommendations. 

Is there a designated day this year for trick-or-treating?

The City of Longview does not establish a designated day for trick-or-treating, but traditionally in Longview it has occurred on Halloween, Oct. 31.  Visit Longview Texas has compiled a list of 10 Fun Fall Outings.