Safety City

The Parks and Recreation Department works in conjunction with the Safety City Board to bring another avenue of youth activities to Longview. 

The “city” simulates the real traffic environment of our community and includes an overpass and a railroad crossing. Working traffic lights and major traffic signs dictate the movement of pedestrians, bicycles and mini-cars operated by children. As you know, we are slowly bringing Safety City back! Please be patient as we schedule small events throughout the summer! If your questions are not answered below, please call our office at 903.237.1270 


Longview Parks and Recreation will be opening Safety City on July 20th and July 27th for a play day! 

July 20th: 9a.m. - 12p.m.
July 27th: 8:30a.m. - 11:30a.m

  • Please bring your own bike and helmet 
  • No motorized vehicles
  • No glass containers on the premises of Safety City


Days and Times to Reserve:

Monday - Sunday from 10a.m. - 12p.m. and 1p.m. - 3p.m. ONLY
*Must be reserved for the two hour increment!

Longview PARD encourages you to please bring your own bike and helmet, for they will not be supplied. We also ask there be no motorized vehicles driven throughout the Safety City demonstration. 
You may bring food and drinks; however, we ask that you NOT bring any glass containers - for the safety of those around you. 

Day Cares, Sponsors and Volunteers!

We appreciate your interest in our Safety City, please call our office for more information!

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