Parks Master Plan

A Master Plan serves as a long-range vision for the future development and programming of the park system and its resources. The plan helps residents and staff understand the history and current barriers to park access while setting a vision to remove these inequities and ensure parks and open spaces are providing the most benefit to communities. The plan typically prioritizes tasks to help in decision making on resource allocation.

Parks Master Plan Website

The City of Longview is updating the Parks Master Plan.  The Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan was a section in the Comprehensive Plan adopted by City Council in May, 2015.  This new plan replaced ones previously adopted in 2009 and in 2005, and provided direction and prioritization for staff. Nearly all of these priorities identified by residents have been fulfilled. 

Adoption of a Parks Master Plan is critical to the eligibility, application and receipt of grant funds. The City of Longview has successfully been awarded $600,000 in grants from Texas Parks and Wildlife over the past five years.  In addition, Texas Department of Transportation awarded the City a grant with matched funds from Longview Economic Development Corporation to connect the trail system.

An update to the Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan will analyze current facilities and use, gather public input and develop an action plan.

Stantec has been contracted to work with us for the update.  

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