Public Swimming Pools

Inspections of public aquatic facilities is an important tool in preventing recreational water–associated illness and injury. An inspection of a public aquatic facility is an assessment of whether its operation and maintenance meet the standards set in our current public health code. During inspections, Environmental Health Inspectors serve as illness-and-injury-prevention advisors to pool operators. Immediate closures and violations offer an opportunity to educate operators about how to properly operate and maintain aquatic facilities. This process places emphasis on why these measures are necessary to prevent repeated violations of given operation or maintenance standards in public aquatic facility codes. By closing venues that pose a serious public health threat and by identifying violations to be corrected, Longview Environmental Health inspectors play a vital role in minimizing risk for illness and injury at public aquatic facilities.

Pool and Spa Permits

All public swimming pools must have a current City of Longview Permit to open. The process to get a permit begins with a swimming pool permit application.

Codes and Regulations

The City of Longview inspects all apartments, hotel, motel, health club, and other public pools and spas to ensure compliance with the following swimming pool codes. 

Certified Pool Operator

Every facility in Longview with a permitted aquatic facility must have a Certified Pool Operator (CPO) who is registered that provide CPO services to public pools in the city. Please see the links below for information on how to register CPO certification and for a
schedule of CPO courses.

Forms and Resources for Operators