Adopt A Park

Mission Statement
To preserve, protect, and enhance the parks and trails of the City of Longview, to maintain our natural resources and to improve awareness about the need to recycle and end littering.


The main objective for Adopt A Park is to have designated individuals or groupskeep a Longview park or trail clean and safe by picking up litter, cleaning picnic tables, removing debris, identifying safety hazards and reporting them to the City. This program is recommended for community businesses, civic groups, neighborhood associations, religious organizations, families, and individual citizens. Once a participant has selected a park or trail, and been approved, the participant will maintain the adopted area for a minimum of one (1) year. Within that year, the participant will service their area at least once per quarter throughout that year. Participant(s) will need to pre-schedule the days they will serve. Those who participate in Adopt A Park receive a sign installed at the park identifying the group’s efforts. Park sites are available for adoption on a first come, first serve basis. The City of Longview has more than 40 parks that can be adopted. Check the webmap for available parks.  

Getting Started

  • Complete the Adopt A Park Agreement
  • All participants under 15 years of age must have responsible adult supervision over the age of 18. One adult per every 8 minors is requested.
  • Each adoption site is reviewed on a case by case basis and subject to Program approval.
  • Once the application has been approved, you may begin adoption of the site. If possible, the City of Longview Park Maintenance department may provide operating supplies and assist you in organizing your cleanups.
  • Reporting the number of participants, volunteer hours, and amount of trash collected is required for each cleanup. We recommend at least 4 clean-up reports annually for each adoption site. Report your results and inform the city of any problematic areas of concern.
  • Registration is very helpful to facilitate your event, so just let us know.
    Please follow all safety and administrative guidelines.

Waiver and Arrangements

A simple waiver will need to be signed by all participants. It is the responsibility of the group supervisor to make arrangements and coordinate any improvement projects with City of Longview Parks Maintenance staff. Group Supervisors will be responsible to plan the volunteer even and should be careful not to overexert participants, leaving plenty of time for breaks. Supervisors should have first aid kit available and be aware of local emergency services in case of injuries.
Those who participate in Adopt A Park or Adopt A Project can receive a thank you on our Facebook and other social media outlets. Groups will need to submit their own photo for recognition.

Adopt A Project

The Adopt A Project program requires light to medium effort and is appropriate for all ages and abilities. City maintenance staff maintains a list of park improvements and maintenance projects needing attention, each with a description and estimate of the time required. Projects must be done within 30 days of adoption and are available for adoption on a first come, first serve basis. Example projects include weeding, general cleanup of park land and landscape beds, sweep courts and pathways, athletic fields repair, or even light maintenance activities like painting or washing park equipment. The Adopt A Project program is recommended for families, youth organizations, athletic teams, businesses and civic groups.

Ways to Help

  • Picking up trash
  • Collecting limbs and brush
  • Fence clearing
  • Staining playgrounds
  • Spreading playground mulch
  • Planting flower beds
  • Planting trees
  • Painting or clearing drainage ways
  • Cutting limbs back from trails and trail bridges
  • Donating signage
  • Donating benches

Adopt A Park Forms

Other Park Opportunities