ADA Compliance

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The Federal government enacted the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) to prevent discrimination of the physically and mentally disabled relative to access to employment, programs, and facilities.

Title II of the ADA requires all governmental entities that employ more than 50 people to (a).  designate at least one person who is responsible for overseeing Title II compliance; (b).  develop an ADA complaint procedure; (c).  complete a self-evaluation and (d).  develop an ADA Transition Plan to schedule the removal of barriers uncovered by the self-evaluation process.

Since the ADA was enacted in 1990, the City of Longview has continuously evaluated and improved facilities, programs, services, policies, practices and procedures.  The first initiatives were to implement all required fair-hiring practices with an intensive review and updating of Personnel Policies and Procedures.  Then, in the City Manager's Budget Message on 9/15/93, the first budgetary impact is mentioned:  "Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act….are among those funded."  Since 1993, facilities have been renovated, park playgrounds and restrooms replaced with accessible structures, curb cuts and other parking lot and sidewalk renovations / installations implemented and so much more.

In 2023, after 30 years of achievements and improvements with the incorporation of the criteria provided by the Federal and State Governments, the City of Longview is seeking to update the ADA Transition Plan. Through an evaluation of current policies, programs and facilities, we will determine the extent to which individuals with disabilities may be restricted in their access to City services and activities.

The purpose of the Updated ADA Transition Plan is to provide the framework for achieving equal access to the City of Longview's programs, services and activities within a reasonable time-frame.  The City's elected officials and staff believe accommodating disabled persons is essential to good customer service, to the quality of life for Longview's residents and to provide effective governance.

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